Some time ago, The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, declared Cognitive Science as one of the important disciplines that need to be nurtured. DST has since then supported research activities through its cognitive science initiative grants. However, since last decade cognitive science is taught only in a few handful of University departments. This means that a very large section of our students and academicians still do not have sufficient exposure to this fascinating and multi-disciplinary science.

To bridge the gap, the Action Control and Cognition Lab has been conducting international conferences and seminars in Cognitive Science. We wish to take more steps in this direction and thus are planning to hold workshops to spread awareness about this field in colleges and universities in India. They would be small sized events to expose students and faculty about this diverse field and in what way they can participate in teaching and research.

We invite suggestions from departments/institutes/universities that wish to collaborate with us in this effort. We will conduct such workshops with their support and we believe this will be quite beneficial to the student community which will ultimately expand this field in our country.

Please have a look at the other pages of our website and contact us if you are interested. You could be an interested student, a faculty or even a department head. Please don’t hesitate to communicate with us irrespective of your academic orientation and discipline. Cognitive science as a field is broad enough to accommodate varied interests.

Please also contact us if you would be interested in giving a talk or wish to propose a seminar.

You can contact the PI of the lab Prof Ramesh Kumar Mishra at rkmishra@uohyd.ac.in