Principal Investigator


Professor Ramesh Kumar Mishra is the Head for Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences, University of Hyderabad.






Lab Members


Lekhnath S. Pathak, PhD Student (2013-)


Lekhnath is an Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in the Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. He holds master’s degree in English literature and linguistics and a post graduate diploma in the teaching of English. As a PhD Scholar in the Action Control and Cognition Lab in the Center for Neural and Cognitive Sciences, Hyderabad University, he is interested and is working on the mechanisms of language mediated human cognition with a focus on bilingual language processing.
He has published in the areas of linguistics, pedagogy, English language teaching in the domestic academic journals and presented at several conferences. He also translates between Nepali-English language pairs.

Selected publications/presentations:
  • Pathak, L. & Mishra, R. K. (Oct 2016).”Parallel language activation is modulated by immersion: A mouse – tracking study of Nepali – English bilinguals” 3rd Annual Conference of the Association for cognitive science, IIT Gandhinagar, India (Poster)
  • Pathak, L. & Mishra, R. K. (Feb 2016). “Parallel language activation and cognitive control in Gurung-Nepali unbalanced sequential bilinguals”. 4Th International Conference on Recent Advances in Cognition and Health, Varanasi, India (Oral)

Keerthana Kapiley, PhD Student (2014-)


Keerthana Kapiley holds an Integrated Master’s degree in Health Psychology fro the  University of Hyderabad. She is interested in exploring as to how social influence effects cognitive mechanisms in bilinguals and how it alters their language processing. She has worked on interlocutor’s influence during voluntary choice and speech production and is presently investigating the effects of cultural cues during spoken word recognition.
Her other interests are dance and music. She is a trained Kuchipudi dancer (Indian classical dance).

Selected publications/presentations:
  • Kapiley, K., & Mishra, R. K. (Oct 2016). “What do I choose? Influence of interlocutors’ awareness”. 3rd Annual Conference of the Association for cognitive science, IIT Gandhinagar, India (Poster)
  • Kapiley, K., & Mishra, R. K. (Sept. 2016). “What do I choose? Influence of interlocutor on bilingual language choice during object naming” Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (Amlap), Bilbao, Spain (Poster)

Seema Prasad, PhD Student (2015- )


Seema Prasad has a 5-year Integrated Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Mysore. She is interested in the mechanism and scope of unconscious processing. Her goal is to understand the influence of unconscious stimuli on voluntary action and the various factors affecting it. She is also working on a DST funded project to investigate the role of attention in language-vision interactions. Trekking and travelling are among her major interests. She also likes to read, mostly fiction.

Selected publications/presentations:
  • Prasad, S. G., Patil G. S., & Mishra, R. K. (Oct 2016).”Attention enhances unconscious activation: Evidence from hearing-impaired individuals” 3rd Annual Conference of the Association for cognitive science, IIT Gandhinagar, India (Oral)
  • Prasad, S. G., Kaushik, S. L. V. & Mishra, R. K. (May 2016). “Do subliminal primes influence voluntary choice in oculomotor action?”. International Meeting of the Psychonomics Society, Granada, Spain. (Oral)

Phani Krishna, PhD student (2016 – )


P. Phani Krishna holds 5 years Integrated Master degree in Linguistics from Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies of Universtiy of Hyderabad.He is interested in knowing how socio-economic status influences the interaction between language and cognition.He is also interested in knowing how ambiguity works on Bilinguals. His other interests are social work and politics.




Riya Rafeekh, PhD student  (2016 – )


Riya Rafeekh holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Union Christian College, Aluva, Kerala. She is interested in gaining a better understanding of cognition and how it takes place- the influence of various components such as attention, perception, memory, learning, etc. She is interested in Neuropsychology and also in knowing how cognition differs in different age groups. Her other interests include reading and music.

Publications :
Rafeekh, R., & Ranjith, N. (2016). Occupational Stress, Marital Satisfaction and Quality of Life among Professionals Working under different Shift Systems. In U. K. B. Reddy & M. K. Singh (Eds.), Stress Perspectives and It’s Management (pp 75-86). Hyderabad: Stress Management Lab.

Sunder B, PhD student (2016 – )


Sunder holds an integrated masters degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Hyderabad. He is interested in the use of WordNet for semantic interoperability: towards cognitive computing, WordNet database is claimed to be based on psychological research, the idea that it should be difficult for users may find theoretical justification in the “handicap principle” which is in opposition to the “principle of least effort”. He likes playing music, he is former drummer and guitarist at History Makers rock band now founder of Crescendo Rock band, which is University of a Hyderabad-based band.




Aniruddha Ramgir (Dec 2016- July 2017 )

Currently pursuing Masters at the Centre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences, University of Hyderabad.

Pratik Bhandari (Dec 2015- May 2017 )

Shiji L Viswambharan (Jan 2016- May 2017 )

Manasa Padmanabhuni (Dec 2015 – Dec 2016 )

S L V Kaushik (Mar 2015- Mar 2016)
Currently doing his masters at the Higher school of economics, Moscow, Russia.

D Thirumeni (Sept 2015- Nov 2015)
Currently working at JIPMER, Pondicherry

Divya Bhatia (Aug 2014- June 2015)
Currently a PhD student at University of Rome

Kesaban Shankar Roy Chaudhari (July 2014- May 2015)
Currently a PhD student at School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad

Srikant Jayaraman (Feb 2014- May 2014)
Currently a Masters’ student at University of Trento, Italy